Explain please

1. Tactics + Channels

The process starts by gathering knowledge about the project, and figuring out which channels we have at our disposal to reach the target audience. This gives us the context.

2. Context + Storytelling + Production

This is a mini version of the creative process for any given project. Find out the basics, identify the storytelling and stories, make it happen in production.

3. Real world PR + Social media

This part is parallell to the creative process, and feeds in to it. Depending on where we reach our audience, the production needs to be adjusted. The storytelling is the same through all channels, but the stories, format and attention spans are different.

4. Impact

All these elements together creates the impact on the target audience, in the right channels, with the right message, in the right time. 


The target for the specific campaign or organization strategy, which all the actions on the timeline will work towards.


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