Always interrupt,
never disturb.

Make me care


Nobody really cares anymore. Unless they really believe in what we are saying. The truth is out there, and it's far more interesting than the average advertising story.

We define your strategy, drive commercial campaigns and carefully design employer branding and brand building activities. We create social ads, produce film, live broadcasts and just about any format necessary to drive the change you're looking for. 

Your storytelling is the sum of everything the brand does and doesn't do.
So if they care, they will come back for more. 

Let us make you care.


What we do

Spocks is a storytelling agency. We work with communication, usually with a strong element of video but always with a story that you want or need to tell about your brand, your cause or your product

We do things that work, and that means that we sometimes have to be tough and ask hard questions. 

We do this because we want to challenge ourselves and our customers, and to make sure that we both know, deep down, that whatever we do is right for the given situation, and is in line with our shared values. 

We have kollektivavtal, and we’re very proud of it. You can always be sure that those who work with us are well looked-after. 




We need to get in to the nitty gritty details of your purpose and business model, identify your challenges and goals. Our process will find the way forward.



Strong stories is the foundation of communication. To make someone care, your storytelling needs to be solid. This means both being interesting, true and something you can live with for a long time. 



Whatever the format, as long as it serves its purpose. We carefully craft it.
The story drives the format, not the other way around.



How and where will the content reach its audience? What will the context be? Distribution needs to be part of the creative process to achieve your goals.