Employer branding storytelling - the making of heroes

How do you build a strong employer brand for an installation services company? (Electrical engineering, heating, sanitation and ventilation)

That was the challenge we accepted to do together with Assemblin, late in 2016. Now, two years later - we have come a long way.

The mission: Keep and motivate the 5700 existing employees, while attracting new professionals

Interviews at the new ESS particle accelerator in Skåne.

Interviews at the new ESS particle accelerator in Skåne.

There are many companies attending to these people, those we want to attract, the electricians, heating, sanitation and ventilation experts that are best in their respective field. So how do we make Assemblin stand out?

Our research began. We talked to the type of people Assemblin wanted to recruit, on all levels - starting with the question: What makes you interested as a human, not as a professional?  and following with: What is important when choosing an employer?

The main insight from from these conversations was that it is important that the company are doing interesting projects, even if the person might not be involved in them personally. This was good news, since Assemblin has a lot of big and interesting projects.

So we used that as the foundation and suggested the angle that we let people who are actually working in these projects, on different levels, talk about their work, the projects and why Assemblin is a nice place to work. Let the tone be honest, nerdy and talk the way they normally talk with their colleagues.

The solution: Bring forward the unsung heroes, use impressing projects as the backdrop and tell their authentic stories. 

An interesting story is an interesting story, which makes a story about an electrician in a big project interesting when recruiting for a finance position, or a project manager for ventilation projects. Because it brings forward the competence the company represents. In an honest way.

This led to the making of the series "Inte ett jobb för alla men kanske för dig" - so far five films for different sectors of the company.

The films were distributed, in different versions, on social media. Facebook and Instagram for installers, and LinkedIn for project managers and admin type job postings - bringing the right candidates - the ones that are best in their respective field, to apply.

The result: The first social media campaign beat the forecasted click numbers by 600% and internal pride of the workplace has gone up.

Bringing relevant people to the different job postings, this way of communicating with the people has been efficient. It has enforced Assemblin as a strong employer brand in the market, both internally and externally.

If you would like to take a close look, just hit play.

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