Our digital seanachai - Welcome Philip O'Connor

Philip O'Connor is the man with the microphone and the boundless energy that has become the face of our marathon sports broadcasts.  ´We are delighted to announce that we will be working even closer with him in the future as an associate storyteller at Spocks Family. 

Having moved to Stockholm in 1999, Philip started working with storyteller and Spocks co-founder Robin Danehav in 2002 and though they went their separate ways, they continued to collaborate on a wide variety of projects.

Philip will continue to front our expanding portfolio of sporting events, as well as engaging in script-writing and planning, and generally injecting energy and enthusiasm into a wide range of other projects.

In Philip's own words

"In Ireland we have long had a tradition of travelling storytellers, called 'seanachaí' in Gaelic.
In the old days, they travelled the length and breadth of the country, telling incredible yarns, epic sagas and unbelievable tall tales in return for something to eat, a glass of porter and a bed for the night. These days, I travel the world and work with words, sounds and images to tell the stories I find. 
Put simply, I have become a digital 'seanachaí'. 
Together with Spocks Family, I look forward to telling even more of the stories that we unearth - tales of sporting greatness, of enormous courage, of insight and innovation and the endless efforts of individuals and organisations to transform the world around us and make it a better place. 
Pull up a chair. It's about to get interesting." 

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