Spocks Family grows with social skilled Sophie Darsy

Since day one we’ve had a strong focus on the viewer experience in whatever channel our communication lands. Social video has been in a major part of our blood stream, and about 60% of our work ends up in one social channel or another.

We know that having good content is not enough to make and maintain predictable results. You also need to consider how and to whom your content is distributed to on social media. To really engage and retain an audience, we are now proud to present the latest addition to our family! 

Sophie Darsy is now on board, and we are super excited. With a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communications from the French School of Public Relations in Paris, fluent in French, English and Swedish, she works a across the social media spectrum - from audits, activation strategies, content engineering, social branding, planning tactics and organic distribution to target audience extractions, paid distribution and campaign engineering.

This means we at Spocks are now offering a full scale integrated social video service. From identifying the problem to solve, to the creation of content and strategic audience targeting. The emotional triggers for desired social channels, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter or even Pinterest, are now an integral part of our creative process.

Together with a super-strong influencer network led by Elcim "Superturken” Yilmaz, we now have a solid platform to connect social media and real world PR. This caters for an even broader offering and continued world class result driven receiver centered communication.

If you want to talk more about your social video situation, drop us a note and let’s find the time.