The future of storytelling - The Vimeo perspective

Since Vimeo is one of the most respected platforms for motion based storytelling and their big film community - When they give their view on the future of storytelling, we listen.

Anjali Sud, Vimeo CEO, has a lot of interesting views about how technology is changing the industry with Virtual Reality, Live streaming, Artificial Intelligence combined with viewer insights on a whole new level.

These are all important things when figuring out what to communicate. But technology should never be the reason to tell a story. The human on the other end, the receiver of your message or cause, the buyer of your product, the one you want to affect in one way or another - that's where to put your focus.

Now. And in the Future.

When that is clear - then you can explore what technology can do to help that. This way you will never get stuck with old tech just for the sake of it.

A good story is a good story. It will make us care, act and remember.

ThoughtsRobin Danehav