Writer/Director Simon Gullström joins Spocks

Filmmaking is a rhythm
And a script never better than its beats
This my beat

This is how it reads (and sounds like) when writer/director Simon Gullström is teaming up with Spocks to dig deeper into the new era of commercial storytelling. With thoughts like “what if SKAM was produced by H&M...”, he is warmly embraced by Spocks Family to help brands find new ways to tell their stories. 

Brought up in Spain. Educated in New York. Originating from Stockholm. Simon is both shaped and intrigued by the contrasts of culture and people, hence giving him the ability to create a unique identity in every film. A character trait that rhymes well with Spocks as we gaze into the possibilities of 2018. 

The commercial and media landscape is changed – and it evolves by the minute. Traditional methods are fast outdated. Thats why we are satisfied to introduce the odd and inventive director, Simon. 

NewsRobin Danehav