We love production. Production is the making of ideas and concepts into life. It is the link between the abstract thinking and the beginning of testing if real people appreciate it. It can take multiple forms. 

We can help you with any type of film production. We start out by analyzing what your communication requires, and together with you we decide on the format and expression. It can be an animation, dramatisation, documentary or a weekly live show - or something else.

In any case, we have the skills, resources and experience to make it happen, on time and on budget.

If you have general questions about our film production services, please contact Robin Danehav.



Tell stories that fascinates. That visually inspires. And incites action.
Branding, recruiting, selling, or any other business target that needs a boost.



Storytelling in realtime can be extremely complex, or totally simple. 
We take care of it for you, from breakfast seminars to big sports events. 



Motion ads in social are different. The hook needs to be instant. And it has to go hand in hand with the distribution and media plan. We help you reach your audience measure the success.